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Casada Powerboard 

Treatment time: 10 minutes (which is worth 1 hour at the gym!)


Cost: 8 sessions for £65 or 12 sessions for £80


How it works: 


The extraordinary principle of the Powerboard is based on the imitation of the natural sequence of body movements. The powerful motor sets the platform into vibration which causes the same tilting movement of the pelvis as does normal walking. The body reacts instinctively with rhythmic muscle contractions. These do not even require great physical effort as muscles from head to toe are activated automatically. Larger areas of the muscle groups involved leads to sensational results, and your exercise becomes significantly more effective. It boosts your metabolism and fat burning, and helps you build muscles.


On the power board, static or dynamic exercises can be performed.


You can choose the muscles which you want to excercise during training.The vibrations on the board trigger a stretch reflex, in which the muscle is stretched and contracts by itself without a person to control it consciously. Vibration training is often referred to as "passive" form of training because no active movement is necessary for muscle contraction. The muscles contract continuously during the set training time (usually 30 to 60 seconds) in a very short time and thus make more "work" than would be possible with conventional strengthening exercises.


The exercises themselves add to the passive or active contraction movements of the vibration plate thereby increasing the intensity of the workout further and making it more effective - there is an example of each exercise you could do in the salon and a DVD to watch during your session..


Is there an age limit?


Static exercises on the power board are more and more used due to the passive contractions, which are extremely gentle on joints and tendons in the elderly and effective for fall prevention and useful during rehabilitation.


How often should you have this treatment? 


As with any exercise this should be built up.  Aim for 2-3 days per week then increase to alternate days and if an extended course then each day is feasible.  Be guided by your own body - listen to it and allow it time to recover between sesssions.


How do you get started?


Come and try it yourself and if you'd like to go ahead, simply choose the course you prefer and come to be measured so you can see the results of the Powerboard!



Please feel free to call Louise 07745 350322 / 01277 653784 or use the contact form to request an appointment or to discuss in more detail.  



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