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Ear Piercing


Caflon Qualified Therapist


Ever thought it is better to have both ears pierced at the same time?  Well, two ear-piercing guns do not go off at the same time.  Once the first goes off the person hearing the noise flinches - it is a natural reaction.  What happens then?  Well the second gun goes off a split second later but the area the gun was going to pierce has moved a fraction ... and there we have it - pierced for life.


Come to Glamourpuss to have each ear pierced independently, exactly where you want it.  The most time taken should always be the preparation to find the right place for the earring. 


Lovely cooling liquid onto the ears directly after treatment and a nice ice-lolly or lollipop as a treat afterwards!  Take home Caflon sterile solution for meticulous cleansing day and night.


Great choice of piercing studs available: balls £18.00, birthstones & shapes £19.50, clawsets & titanium £23.00.


Happy to pierce from 0-100 years :o)  Under 16s need parental approval



Please feel free to call Louise 07745 350322 / 01277 653784 or use the contact form to request an appointment


Independent salon for 1:1 attention at 211 Mountnessing Road, Billericay, Essex CM12 0EH

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