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£40.00 Swissdermyl Luxury Facial

£35.00 Swissdermyl Standard Facial

£25.00 Swissdermyl Express Facial

£15.00 Magnitone Pulsar Cleanse & Tone

£28.00 Teenage Facial

£38.00 Oxygen Infusion Facial

£38.00 Multi-Polar Radio Frequency Facial

£35.00 Microdermabrasion (diamond peeling)

£38.00 Chromatherapy LED Light Facial with Colour Mask

£38.00 Chromatherapy Collagen Mask

£38.00 Galvanic Facial with Vitamin C, Dexpanthenol, or DMAE

Facials explained ...

Swissdermyl Luxury Facial £40.00 (60 minutes)

Eyelash cleanse


Deep cleanse

Enzyme peel

12 minute Steam

Face, neck shoulder massage


Eye Slices*

Moisturising mask (with foot or hand massage)

Repair serum


* Eye Slices deliver natural, yet effective, ingredients to the eye - clinically proven results on puffiness, dark circles & fine lines. Re-usable up to 10 times


Swissdermyl Facial £35.00 (50 minutes)


Eyelash cleanse


Deep cleanse

Enzyme peel

12 minute steam

Face, neck shoulder massage


Moisturising mask (with foot or hand massage)


Express Swissdermyl Facial £25.00 (30 minutes)



Deep cleanse

Enzyme peel

5 minute steam

Facial, neck shoulder massage


Moisturising mask (with foot or hand massage)

Teenage Facial £28.00 (30 minutes)


Cleanse, deep cleanse

Tea tree hot towel application

Face, neck shoulder massage


Moisturising mask (with foot or hand massage)

Magnitone Pulsar Cleanse & Tone £15.00 (20 minutes)

Electromagnetic PulseLift massage brush gently cleanses your skin whilst effectively removing impurities that normally get left behind.  Promotes better blood flow, tightens and smoothes skin tone and texture.  Moisturise to finish.

Oxygen Infusion Facial £38.00 (60 minutes)

(6 sessions for the price of 5 ... £190)

Oxygen Facial: An Option for Younger-Looking Skin


The history of oxygen skin infusion therapy stems from its medical application in the recovery and healing of tissue burns in hospitals.  Oxygen is invigorating and firming, stimulates cellular respiration, increasing the firmness of the skin and providing a more elastic, compact and bright appearance.


The aesthetic industry is constantly exploring new ways to change the structure and appearance of the skin.  Oxygen infusion is one of the latest contributions in this field.  Modern technology has eliminated much of the inconvenience associated with the delivery of this particular type of treatment.


If you’ve ever wondered about an oxygen facial, or maybe heard just a little bit about it, it’s important to understand how this procedure works.


No matter what skin problem you may have, everyone is always looking for a treatment that will solve all these issues in just one session.  Magic genie comes out of the skin care bottle and “poof” all your sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles just disappear.

An oxygen facial offers a realistic instant lift that if a client’s expectation is realistic, it can go a long way to offering the magic formula we all seek.

What to Expect During an Oxygen Facial

Since this is a non-medical procedure it does not require injections or the use of any chemicals.

After cleanse and exfoliation, oxygen will be infused directly into the skin’s pores. The oxygen used is treated with a number of supplements that are good for the skin such as argan oil, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids with anti-oxidant and moisturising properties.  In a gradual and controlled way, active oxygen is released to promote cell regeneration.  The serum contains active ingredients, including stem cells for an anti-oxidant reaction.  Hyaluronic acid liposomes provide the action of a filler.  This all results in a treatment which helps the skin retain its firmness and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure is painless and requires no harsh chemical peels as the whole point is to oxygenate the skin so that it can heal itself more quickly. The results are instant and a perfect pick you up for that big night out, ie, the Cinderella Effect. For a sustained effect choose a course of 6 treatments once a week and if you would like this maintained, simply visit once a month.  

Oxygen Facial Benefits

An oxygen facial does not cause any discomfort, such as stinging, redness or dehydration. The method of delivery used in order to pump oxygen into the skin is gentle which makes the treatment a viable option for those with sensitive skin and those who have difficulties with injections or other harsh treatments to help rid of wrinkles. Those who have an oxygen facial can resume normal activities right away and even apply makeup or lotion without worrying about how the skin will react.

The infusion of oxygen is good for the skin as it will encourage the growth of new cells as well as collagen. This treatment may also rejuvenate skin that has been exposed to pollutants, such as tobacco smoke and other toxins that starve cells of their oxygen.

This treatment can be used to help reduce acne scars as the infusion of oxygen helps the skin to create new cells at a faster rate and reduce the appearance of blemishes and minor skin imperfections.

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency £38.00 (30 mins)

(6 sessions for the price of 5 ... £190)

By means of a sophisticated electronic system, heat can be transferred deep down without damaging the epidermis and the result is a more supple, younger looking skin.  The system only causes a slight sensation of heat, clients undergoing treatments with radio frequency can return to their usual routines immediately after.

Multi-Polar Radio Frequency is a new innovation which exploits the characteristics of both mono-polar and bi-polar systems to bring energy to deeper layers of the skin and focus the range through the 4 pole system to increase the temperature both on the surface (40oC) and the deepest layers (43oC up to 2cm).

The treatment causes a contraction of facial skin with a lifting effect (rejuvenation of the face) which is particularly noticeable after a few months.  By increasing the temperature of the existing connective tissue and by activating the fibroblasts by means of the heat, to produce new collagen and new elastin, the wrinkles and signs of ageing are smoothed, giving the skin a completely natural lifting effect.

Amongst all the rejuvenating techniques that use heat to activate the subcutaneous fibroblasts, radio frequency is currently the most advanced system with regard to timescale and costs.  The effects of radio frequency are not immediate but are gradual and become more noticeable as the days and weeks go by, reaching their maximum effect even as long as 4 months after the treatment.  Significant results are achieved in the areas of the cheeks, forehead and neck.

Chromatherapy LED Light Facial with Colour Mask £38.00 (30 minutes)

(6 sessions for the price of 5 ... £190)

Chromatherapy rejuvenation is a non-invasive therapy whereby light of specific wavelengths are delivered to the skin by super luminescent LEDs to stimulate and activate cellular processes deep within the skin layers. A course is vital to achieve results.  Book 2 sessions each week to see results rapidly.

Treatment: Skin is cleansed, exfoliated, correct mask applied and treated with LED light.

This type of therapy is completely safe, has no known side-effects, does not contain harmful ultraviolet wavelengths and does not produce a thermal reaction in the skin which makes it a very comfortable treatment on its own or when teamed with the correct mask which contains special pigments that enhance the reflection of the light emitted.  Options include:

1) Pink: Anti-ageing lift mask with hyaluronic acid 

2) Orange: Detoxify and rebalance impure skin

3) Blue: Moisturising skin gel mask for sensitive skin

Collagen Chromatherapy LED Light Facial £38.00 (30 minutes)

(6 sessions for the price of 5 ... £190)

Collagen is a most powerful skin moisturiser.  In courses of 5 or more treatments, proven wrinkle reduction occurs.  Even with one treatment the skin looks plump and hydrated.  Collagen triggers epithelial skin regeneration.  These effects combine for a most effective salon treatment course of increased skin regeneration, scar or wrinkle reduction with highly effective hydration.

Treatment: cleanse, exfoliation, application of pure collagen sheet to the face and neck, appropriate LED light treatment

Microdermabrasion (diamond peeling) £35.00 (30 mins)

(6 sessions for the price of 5 ... £175)

By exfoliating the skin's superficial epidermal layers, Diamond Peeling activates fibroblasts and stimulates basal epidermis to provide you with youthful, radiant skin.

What is Diamond Peeling?

The removal of dead skin with the aid of specially designed tips coated with diamond particles.  Diamond peeling removes the upper epidermal layer by light abrasion, whilst vacuuming away dead skin cells and bringing blood to the skin's surface to activate renewal and boost collagen and elastin production.

Immediate Visible Results

The skin may take on a slightly rosy complexion immediately after treatment. However, right from the very first treatment, the skin will appear fresher, smoother and more radiant which will be further improved with additional treatments.

* rejuvenation of complexion

* reduction of acne scarring

* reduction of minor fine lines

* minor scar revision

* sun damage

* age spots

Advantages of Diamond Peel

Areas closer to the eyes and mouth can be treated more accurately (no risk of stray crystals causing damage or being ingested).

Convenient Treatment

Diamond peeling microdermabrasion can easily be performed during a client's lunch hour so that they may return immediately to their normal activities.  It is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for at least a few days after treatment.  A sunscreen is essential to use afterwards since exfoliated skin temporarily loses some of its natural protection to the environment.

Galvanic ultrasound £38.00 (45 minutes)

A galvanic facial rejuvenates skin, restores the balance, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and tightens. It is also beneficial in preventing premature signs of ageing by using medium-amperage direct current to stimulate skin cells, soften and drive your ampoule of choice deep into the skin layers. This is done to improve the hydration levels and blood circulation, thereby making skin more radiant.


Deep cleanse


Iontophoresis with a choice of ampoules below:

Vitamin C

A revitalising antioxidant solution that neutralises free radicals, inhibits melanin, increases the synthesis of collagen and elasticity of the skin.  Treats photo-ageing, coetaneous irregularities and diminishes wrinkles, providing a younger and radiant look to the skin.


Boosts moisture levels in the stratum corneum, reducing transepidermic water loss and maintaining the natural smoothness and elasticity of the skin.  It accelerates cell renewal, rebuilds damaged tissues and promotes normal keratinisation of the skin and hair.


Improves the appearance of flaccid skin.  With firming and toning action, it provokes a facial lifting effect, defending the skin against the free radicals whilst hydrating at the same time. DMAE stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Special offer: combine two facials and save money

Microdermabrasion + Oxygen Infusion Facial £60.00

Microdermabrasion + Galvanic Vitamin C Facial £60.00

Microdermabrasion + Collagen Chromatherapy £60.00

Radio Frequency + Oxygen Infusion Facial £60.00 

Radio Frequency + Chromatherapy £60.00 

Radio Frequency + Collagen Chromatherapy £60.00

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