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Harmony Gelish Polish £20.00


Chip-resistant for 2-3 weeks (double/triple with toes).  This product applies like polish but cures under a UV lamp in 30 seconds.  Each coat provides a hard layer to ensure protection of the nail and a strong colour.  Plenty of colours to choose from and various combinations including diamontes and various fun shapes ♥

Soak-off is free with re-application.


Harmony Vitagel Treatment £20.00-£50.00



Enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E

Encourages healthy nail growth


Peeling nails? Damaged nails from having extensions? Over-filing? This treatment every 10-14 days will regenerate and restore those poor nails!  Choose from Strength or Recovery:



Perfect for maintaining healthy nails.  Illiminates peeling of the natural nail and gives you a strengthening base for any nail lacquer.



Great for people who are trying to repair and grow out their nails from acrylic use.  All of the benefits of Strength but a thicker formula for weak and brittle nails.  Also includes an extra dose of vitamins!


£20.00 1 session

£50.00 3 session course


Acrylic Extensions £30.00


Whether you wish to elongate your natural nails or help a broken nail look as long as the rest (£3 each) then acrylic extensions are for you.  A tip is applied to your natural nail and then the acrylic overlayed on top. This can be painted or Harmony Gelish Polish applied (½ price when applied at the same time).


Acrylic/Gel Infills or Overlay £25.00


Every 2-3 weeks, as your natural nails grow out, so will your acrylic or hard gel.  Have this colourless product infilled for continued strength and to maintain that polished look (for overlay this is simply strength not length on your natural nail) Harmony Gelish Polish applied at the same time is ½ price.

Diamontes 25p each for that added sparkle ...


Acrylic removal and mini manicure £10



OPI Manicure £18.00

Harmony Gelish Manicure £28.00


* soak

* clip, file & shape

* cuticle treatment

* OPI hand cream

* paint


Luxury OPI Manicure £28.00

Luxury Harmony Gelish Manicure £36.00


* soak

* clip, file & shape

* cuticle treatment

* scrub

* 10 point massage to elbow

* hot wax

* hot mitts

* paint


Kooky Wraps £30.00


Choose from a variety of wraps which cover the natural nail for a funky look. Includes cuticle work, file and shape.



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